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BRICS Astronomy Workshop 2016 Astronomical Data and Computation
One of the key resolutions of the first meeting of the BRICS Working Group on astronomy in Cape Town in December, 2015, was to hold an annual workshop for astronomers in the BRICS countries, in order to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and linking interested scientists together. The topic of the 2016 workshop in Ekaterinburg, Russia will focus on Astronomical Data and Computation, involving data science, inter-operability of data, access to data archives, computational astrophysics, hardware and software access, etc.
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FIRST LIGHT: School for Graduate Students (1st announcement)
The Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of São Paulo (IAG-USP) is pleased to announce the São Paulo School of Advanced Science FIRST LIGHT: stars, galaxies and black holes in the epoch of reionization
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Extremely Big Eyes on the Early Universe
In the next decade, the commissioning of Extremely Large Telescopes (20-40m class) will allow us to see the high redshift universe using new eyes of unprecedented power. By themselves or in combination with other facilities, these new eyes will have the potential to transform our understanding of the formation and early evolution of galaxies and black holes, first light and cosmic reionization, as well as the evolution of the intergalactic and circumgalactic media.
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Portas Abertas no Observatório
O LNA abre as portas do Observatório do Pico dos Dias (OPD), em Brazópolis, no dia 08 de outubro de 2016, das 14h às 20h. A entrada é gratuita mas os convites são limitados. Veja como conseguir o seu convite!
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Precision Spectroscopy 2018: From the First Stars to Exoplanets
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LARIM 2019: XVI Latin American Regional IAU Meeting
Welcome to Chile! LARIM 2019 will take place in Antofagasta, a city rich in traditions and cultural expressions, in a region which is host to several of the world’s flagship astronomical projects, including VLT, ALMA and E-ELT. This conference is targeted to professional astronomers, postdocs, postgraduate and undergraduate students pursuing a research career in Astronomy. LARIM 2019 will provide an outstanding opportunity for scientific discussion and will foster new collaborations among astronomers from Latin American countries. Students and astronomers in the early stages of their research careers are especially encouraged to attend.
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Aniversario de Aristoteles: 2.400 anos!
A iniciativa visa destacar a importância do pensamento do grande filósofo grego Aristóteles.
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