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019 BRICS Astronomy Working Group (BAWG) and Workshop

Multi-messenger and Multi-wavelength Astronomy

September 29 to October 2 2019 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


The Brazilian Academy of Sciences has kindly agreed to publish the proceedings of the III BRICS Astronomy Workshop in the Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (, a quarterly multidisciplinary open access science online journal based in Rio de Janeiro and organised in partnership with CNPq/CAPES and the Conrado Wessel Foundation (FCW).

The deadlines and general guidelines for submission will be presented during the Workshop. We anticipate that, if a critical number of papers are submitted, a dedicated supplement issue can be prepared for this workshop. We therefore encourage all authors to write their contributions in order to generate a reference volume for the BRICS Astronomy activities.

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Others Registered Participants



Bruno Castilho

Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica - Brasil

Thiago S. Gonçalves

Valongo Observatory - Brasil

Paul Boley

Ural Federal University - Russia

Ricardo Ogando

ON/LIneA - Brasil

Reinaldo de Carvalho

Univers. Cruzeiro do Sul - Brasil

Vadim Krushinsky

Ural Federal University, Kourovka Observatory - Russia

Jorge Horvath

IAG-USP - Brasil

Livia Silva Rocha

IAG-USP - Brasil

Yunus Essop Manjoo

NRF - South Africa

Filipe Menezes Sousa

Univers. Federal de Sergipe- Brasil

Zhao Changyin

Purple Mountain Observatory - China

Camila Paganini Martins

Univers. Federal de Sergipe- Brasil

Madalena Costa Maia

Univers. Federal de Sergipe- Brasil

Jorge Carvano

Observatório Nacional- Brasil

Adriana Thomé

INPE - Brasil

Martin Makler

CBPF- Brasil

Zhong Wang


Natalia Drake