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Second Winter School of the Valongo Observatory

We announce the second international Astrophysics school organized by the Valongo Observatory, at the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro (OV-UFRJ), organized jointly with researchers from Mexican institutions. The school will take place between the 9th and 13th of June, 2015, and will feature four speakers from international institutions giving lectures on current topics in the field.
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Preference will be given to graduate and advanced undergraduate students, but researchers of any level are allowed to participate. To register, please send an email to 
ovws [at] astro.ufrj.br

with full name, institution and current position.


France Allard (Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon, France) – Atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets
Bruce Draine (Princeton University, USA) – Dust in the ISM
Laura Magrini (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Italy) – Resolved Stellar Populations in Galaxies
Brent Tully  (University of Hawaii, USA) – Observational Cosmology

Scientific Organizing Committee
Itziar Aretxaga (INAOE, México)
Denise R. Gonçalves (OV/UFRJ, co-chair)
Thiago S. Gonçalves (OV/UFRJ, co-chair)
Paulo A. A. Lopes (OV/UFRJ)
Silvia Lorenz Martins (OV/UFRJ, Brazil)
Silvia Torres Peimbert (UNAM, México)

 Local Organizing Committee

Denise R. Gonçalves (co-chair)
Thiago S. Gonçalves (co-chair)
Silvia Lorenz Martins
Claudia Fortes
João Paulo Nogueira Cavalcante
Altair R. Gomes Junior


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