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RCUK-CONFAP-FAPESP Workshop UK-Brazil partnership on astronomical instrumentation


Foster a strong partnership between astronomical institutes in Brazil and the UK, particularly on collaboration on novel technologies for innovative instrumentation on large telescopes.

To increase the capacity and expertise in opto-mechanical, electrical, and software engineering via up-skilling from collaborative work on astronomical instrumentation.

To provide secondment opportunities in the UK and Brazil to early-stage researchers.

To grow scientific collaboration between the UK and Brazil in observational astronomy.


Organizing Committee

  • Dr Chris Evans, STFC UK Astronomy, Technology Centre, UK
  • Prof. Beatriz Barbuy IAG/USP, Brasil
  • Prof. Ray Sharples, Durham University Dept. of Physics, UK
  • Dr Katia Cunha, ON/MCTI, Brasil
  • Dr Bruno Castilho, LNA/MCTI, Brasil