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Projetos Brasileiros de Longo Prazo no Gemini


Brazilian LLPs

IMPORTANTE: A submissão de projetos de Longo Prazo está suspensa por tempo indeterminado. A decisão foi tomada pelo CTC/LNA.

Relatório da NTAC sobre o Programa de LLPs Brasileiros no Gemini encaminhado ao CTC/LNA

Projetos Brasileiros LLP (finalizados)

Confira os projetos Brasileiros de Longo Prazo no Gemini com início 2014A.

Regras e orientações para LLPs Brasileiros

Acesse as regras e orientações para projetos Brasileiros de Longo Prazo no Gemini.

What is the Brazilian LLP?

In the past years several Brazilian programs at Gemini have submitted their proposals repeatedly to the Brazilian National Telescope Allocation Committee (NTAC). With the recent changes in the Gemini partnership that resulted in the increase of the Brazilian share to 6.5% it opened up the possibility to also increase the amount of allocation time for Brazilian projects at Gemini. This brings the opportunity to allocate larger amount of time for more ambitious projects that demand either larger or longer telescope time to achieve their scientific goals. With this in mind the Brazilian NTAC, during the meeting of October 25 2012, discussed the necessity of implementing the Brazilian Large and Long Programs (Brazilian LLPs) at Gemini.

 At the same time the Gemini consortium have also decided to implement the “Large and Long Programs at Gemini - LLP” (http://www.gemini.edu/node/12096), with the participating partners being USA, Canada, Australia, and Argentina. Brazil decided to not participate in the international LLPs, at least temporarily. Instead, Brazil has created the Brazilian LLPs at national level. The reason for this is that there is still a question whether the Brazilian community would make good use of its share when participating in the international LLPs. Therefore, the national LLPs are intended to provide an evaluation of the competence of the Brazilian community to participate in such collaborations. The Brazilian LLPs started to take place in semester 2014A.