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First Announcement: IAU Symposium 325 Astroinformatics

IAU symposium n.325 on Astroinformatics (AstroInfo16) brings together world-class experts to address the methodological and technological challenges posed by the scientific exploitation of massive data sets produced by the new generation of telescopes and observatories. Astronomy, which already was at the forefront of Big Data science with exponentially growing data volumes and data rates, is now entering the petascale regime at optical, infrared and radio wavelengths.


We are pleased to inform you that the LSST@Europe2 conference will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, June 20­-24, 2016. We look forward to welcoming you to Belgrade to what will be a key event in developing European participation in the LSST project.

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope 11th Users' Meeting

Every three years CFHT’s talented and diverse community gathers to discuss recent accomplishments and challenges and factor them into plans for CFHT’s future. Lots has happened at CFHT since the last Users’ Meeting at Campbell River. New dome vents have been installed and proven to increase image quality markedly, SITELLE has been delivered and will be released for use in 2016, SPIRou is under construction, several Large Programs are nearing completion while new Large Programs of unprecedented scale are being devised, GRACES now couples CFHT and Gemini, and what was termed ngCFHT 3 years ago has led to the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer Project Office in Waimea. This impressive string of accomplishments is directly attributable to the talents and vision of CFHT’s incredible community. CFHT consistently ranks among the leading observatories worldwide in terms of publication numbers and their scientific impact. Through this leadership in scientific research, innovative operations, and collaborative development, CFHT’s community will play a key role in the growth and evolution of the Maunakea Observatories. With all of this in mind, the local and scientific organizing committees for CFHT’s 2016 Triennial Users’ Meeting invite our international community to join us in Nice, France, to share their discoveries from and visions for CFHT and the Maunakea Observatories.

RCUK-CONFAP-FAPESP Workshop UK-Brazil partnership on astronomical instrumentation

Foster a strong partnership between astronomical institutes in Brazil and the UK, particularly on collaboration on novel technologies for innovative instrumentation on large telescopes. To increase the capacity and expertise in opto-mechanical, electrical, and software engineering via up-skilling from collaborative work on astronomical instrumentation. To provide secondment opportunities in the UK and Brazil to early-stage researchers. To grow scientific collaboration between the UK and Brazil in observational astronomy.

Workshop no OPD - Segunda turma

O LNA, por orientação de nossa comunidade astronômica, tem modernizado os modos de operação e a instrumentação do OPD. Com o intuito de ampliar o conhecimento dos instrumentos em operação e dos em desenvolvimento, e a capacidade de usá-los; assim como treinar os usuários nos modos de observação dos telescópios, o LNA programou o segundo Workshop de treinamento para estudantes e pesquisadores, a ser realizado nos dias 2 e 3 de outubro de 2015.

Agenda da SECOP

27 de outubro de 2020

Atualmente não existem compromissos agendados.