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Perkin Elmer 1.6-m telescope Boller & Chivens 0.6-m telescope Zeiss 0.6-m telescope


Welcome to the databank of the Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica

This site contains information about observations taken at the telescopes of the Pico dos Dias Observatory (OPD), the observing facilities of the Laboratório Nacional de Astrofísica, Brazil.


These data are avaiblable to the general public after a grace of 24 months (or more in special cases).

CTC decision on the implementation of the data bank

Read general description of the data bank

An article on the data bank (to be) published in the Boletim da Sociedade Astronômica Brasileira

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1.6-m Perkin Elmer

0.6-m Boller & Chivens (IAG)

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Some instructions for observers to guarantee the integrity of the data bank

How to define the names of observers

How to define the names of objects, data files and directories